The suggestion that council tenants with a spare bedroom should let it to a homeless person in order to avoid a £14 reduction in housing benefit didn’t surprise me.  Like the Jeremy Hunt burble about reducing the legal limit of abortion in this country to 12 weeks this is more of the Tories trying to outrage us so that when a less hideous suggestion  becomes policy was all breathe a sigh of relief instead of rising up in righteous anger.  Don’t be fooled.  Of course abortion limits will not be reduced to 12 weeks and council tenants will not be forced to take in lodgers, but it’s still appropriate to be outraged.

One nasty little twerp’s remark particularly outraged me this morning.  He asked the rhetorical question, “Is it morally right for people to have spare bedrooms while others are homeless?”  Can you see the utter vileness of this idiotic question? He is trying to turn the social conscience tables, while clearly demonstrating his own total lack of compassion. He tries to use the natural kindness and sense of social duty found largely amongst the poor against them.  He’s not even expecting us to think about middle-class, privately owned homes, nor palaces, mansions and country seats.  No, the spare bedrooms he has in his sights on belong only to poor people.   It is immoral, in his words, for poor people to have spare bedrooms while there are homeless people, but not immoral for him or his aunt to have one or seven spare bedrooms.

But he was referring to council tenants who claim housing benefit, you may cry.  If they receive benefits from the state then they are mere plebs and must do our bidding!  Really?  Surely the fact that they are in receipt of a means-tested benefit demonstrates how poor these householders are.  Is it really morally acceptable to reduce their circumstances even further by withholding £14 per week for having an unused spare room?

If  it is morally wrong for people to have spare rooms when there are homeless people then it must be morally wrong for anyone to have a spare bedroom, including the Queen in Buckingham Palace and silly little Tory spokesmen, too.  Or do you believe that having enough money to buy your own home means you don’t have to be as morally correct as those who can’t afford to do the same?

2 thoughts on “How many spare bedrooms in Buck House?

  1. I know we do not share the same political beliefs, but here I have to say this really is an absurd comment. This man has put both feet in his mouth! Common sense (or maybe African sense) tells me any person living below the poverty line lucky enough to have a house with spare rooms would probably rent them out. I know I would. Lodging is at a premium, and why have an empty room/s in your house when you could earn an income from them?

    Oddly enough I was talking to my boss this afternoon, who was telling me his neighbour in the two bedroomed flat in his complex has EIGHT people living there! And you’ve just written this – what a coincidence!

  2. I think no one should be obligated to take in lodgers. Sharing ones home, especially if it is a very small home, is stressful. If wealthy people with lots of spare room don’t want to do it, then I hardly think it is right to suggest people on benefits with one room to spare should. I have lived in countries and cultures where sharing houses between unfeasibly huge numbers of people is normal, but it is not normal in UK and does not need to become yet another way of widening the gap between rich and poor. This government is committed to widening the gap and creating an even more deprived under-class, and my rationality tells me this is entirely immoral. BTW I loved sharing a house when I was a student, but that is not the same as taking a lodger into an established family home.

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