Pointless things to say about 2013:  It’s a….

  • brand new year, like 1901, 1844, 250 BC  and every other year.
  • fresh start .  Surely any moment can be a fresh start.  Remember, every moment is the first moment of the rest of your life.
  • better year…..or a worse one.

The only sensible thing I can think of to say:  It’s a

  • re-set point.
  • comparison node.
  • score card.

Yep, that sums it up for me.  As I stand here surveying the barely held-back entropy surrounding me. This January will be a marker on the path of life. Like a little pile of stones which will fast disappear under a bramble and nettle rampage. By the time I’m at next January’s cairn, this little one will be well and truly blanketed and lost under the lush jungle of chaos. So let’s not take it too seriously as I look around me and try to imprint this transient scene on my memory.

My life is in idling mode right now.  I stroke my frayed and dirty apron with shaky hands then tuck wisps of sweaty hair behind my ears as I gaze at the shabby but respectable patch of order around me. What needs doing next?  I ask myself.

The answer comes very slowly and faintly at first. I strain my ears to catch the crackling, whispered word.  There it is again. Can it be?  Yes, I think it is. A thrill flashes up my fat old back.  I hear it clearly now.


As the truth of that answer slaps me in the mush, I untie my apron, let down my hair and allow myself a little gambol around the forest.  I am free.

Or at least I could be. The scent of utter freedom is on the air and I only need to keep following it.

Yes, I know we have property to sell, dogs to look after and work-related stuff to think about, but I’m sure we could sort it all out in less than 12 months. Then as if to catch my joy and whip it up into a whirlwind, the company Nick works for sent him a letter out-lining redundancy terms if he should want to pursue them.

Yippee!  Freedom here we come!

Unless of course, this is just a year like any other.  Another of those safe, plodding and senseless bores of a year.  I hope not.

This time next year I don’t want to see that little pile of stones and think they look just like last year’s. I want to see a vibrant totem pole, or a fantastical temple or a towering monolith. Now that would be a real land mark and one worth reaching.

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Hi Mavis, I feel sure that 2013 will be a special year. It has 13 in it for a start. I see the number as lucky. I. Know a lot of people feel differently but here are my tihoughts as to why it is lucky. Each year has 13 full moons and lumar months. Tiis is good if you are a woman! Add 1 + 3 it epuals 4 & stands for the four elements, Earth, Air, Fire & Water & the four seasons of the year. With the climate changing the Universe wants us all to pay attention not just the scientists amongst us but all our energy is needed to solve this problem! This will be a positive year for discovering answers to those big, scary questions! Thx for this piece it really made me think & in a positive way! Love & light – Carolina X

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